Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Jewel, by Golden Amanah

The jewel


In a world that defines less as more,
Where worth is judged in how many looks you score,
The Jewel was crying out for shade,
Covered from the world’s gaze.
And wouldn’t society be amazed?!
The Jewel never knew her true worth,
Assuming that from her birth,
That time would go on and she’d have her layers uncovered,
For others to gape at her in awe and wonder.

She never wanted perfection, only protection,
The protection of her Lord was what she slowly began to crave for,
She was given guidance by the Qur’an with its blessed spiritual sustenance,
And they say her fate was sealed when she read the verse that revealed,
“On no soul do we place a burden more than it can bear.”
Tears poured from her eyes and even more from her heart,
Because right then she knew that with a fresh start.

Her title Muslimah would not be in vain,
And the deeds of her life which slowly became,
To hold more significance than just day to day,
Her Lord she began to call on to ease her way.
Into this beautiful way of life with unmatched wisdom,
Of which there were obstacles to overcome,
Many out to snatch the Jewel’s shine,
But she fought back with all her might every single time.
A comment, a stare, an unkind laugh,
Made for a challenged heart,
But she remained firm and steadfast,
Against all cruelty, so she’d stand last.

The Jewel had Sister gems who she also wanted to protect,
From the snare of Shaitan so they wouldn’t be next.
So she taught them what she knew and prayed for their safety,
Monthly, weekly, especially daily.
She knew a day would come when they would question life,
And when that time came, she wanted for them less strife,
She wanted their hearts resistant to temptation,
For She Knew Fitna was ready to corrupt their destination.

May Allah make it easy on all beautiful girls,
The Muslimahs striving for Allah, the well guarded Pearls,
Because we are Jewels with beauty undiscovered,
Our Lord, Most wise, gave us this cover.

Golden Amanah

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