Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A mother's feet, by Golden Amanah

A reminder to myself before others.

Who knew that at the feet of your mother would lie the entry to paradise?
But even with this great advice,
Some of us are still very unwise.
We curse, disrespect, give our mothers sorrow
But who promised your blessed mother that she'd see tomorrow?

Don't be fooled into thinking that because she gave birth to you, she's there to stay
Its by the mercy of Allah that she endured nine months of pain,
and years on would not delay,
in pleasing you to her utmost, always making sure that you're okay.
There are some mothers out there who wouldn't hesitate
In giving their children away,
Before they’ll hear the last breath their child takes.

Don't abuse the love of your mother with unkind treatment,
Rather adore her like the Queen she is, and pray for her intercession
On a day where you could have prayed 100 raka'hs daily,
It wouldn't be a grain in the sand if you left your mother wailing.

This world deceives us into thinking that we'll always have time,
So we delay repentance, increase our sins,
Unknowingly crossing the line.
Our mothers in our infant days bore our tears and cries,
Now we're impatient when they shed a few,
While we hurry our goodbyes.

But what happens when you've met and married your chosen loved one,
And sooner or later Allah blesses you with a daughter or a son?
That child grows up, and shows no love
Is disobedient to the core,
You try and teach them the clear and straight path,
But to them it's all a bore.
Then something from within makes you shudder for a while,
because you've seen those fatal footsteps you chose, reflected in your child.

All that time you thought you were safe in a little bubble,
And now you fear for yourself as much as your child, because you know there'll be trouble.
Consequences for your actions,
Other worldly punishments
Worse than a worldly court,
Because this is supreme judgment.

Each moment a grace of Allah,
Yet wasted in forgetting,
That we'll account for those moments when our mums were always fretting.
We never gave them peace of mind, never enough sleep,
Making the promise of being home by ten, And that promise we didn't keep.

For the sake of Allah take heed of this heartfelt warning,
Because we're all in need of it from time to time,
Repent, and beg for your mother's forgiveness
Before the light of the early morning,
Surely your Lord is indeed sublime.
Only Allah knows if we’ll get through these tests,
He knows when it gets tough,
But obedience to our mothers is always best,
Start now before your time is up.

Golden Amanah
Halima Shode (Golden Amanah) is a talented writer and Muslim student currently living in London. She loves poetry and eating out, and supports healthy, strong Islamic views .

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