Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Sunnah to Smile - MSA Comedy Jam

MSA Comedy Jam

MSA presents: "It's Sunnah to Smile"!

Join us on 28 September at the Wits Great Hall for some entertainment and forget about exam stress for an evening!
Time: 19h45 for 20h00
Comedians Include: Loyiso Gola, Simmi Areff, Laz Gola, Dillan Oliphant, Yumna Mohamed,  Deen Schroeder and some homegrown student talent.
Tickets are R150 each
Age restriction: 16 yrs

To make your reservation, simply email comedy@msa.org.za and don't miss out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MSA Support for Wits SRC Israel Boycott

Statement in support of the University of the Witwatersrand
Student Representative Council’s decision to Boycott Apartheid Israel

The Union of Muslim Students' Associations, who has released a number of statements against those who perpetuate injustices, commends the University of the Witwatersrand Student Representative Council on taking a principled stance against the oppressive state of Israel. We recognise the decision as a victory in the worldwide Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

The resolution outlines a cultural and academic boycott against Israeli institutions. The resolution states that Wits University “will not participate in any form of cultural or academic collaboration or joint projects with Israeli institutions and will not provide support to Israeli cultural or academic institutions”.
The landmark resolution also calls for an inquiry into any relationships that Wits University might have with Israeli institutions. The SRC will also actively search for any such relationships and lobby to ensure that these relationships are brought to an end.

The Student body will also promote and support Israeli Apartheid Week which is held in more than 90 cities across the world. The Israeli Apartheid Week campaign is supported by the Muslim Students’ Association.
MSA Union calls upon all student bodies in our institutions of higher learning that support justice and equality to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Let us make it known that we will not allow relations to normalise with a state as oppressive as Israel. Furthermore, we call upon student representative councils nationwide to take similar BDS stances and ensure that a cultural and academic boycott is in place.
The Apartheid state has proven time and again that it has no regard for International Law, human rights or dignity towards Palestinian civilians. We will not associate ourselves with any organisation that supports the Apartheid state of Israel and will continue to maintain this stance until such time that the Palestinians have dignity, freedom and the right to national aspirations.
Statement issued by: MSA Union

Contact information:

Yusuf Talia - Yusuf.talia@hotmail.com         - 071 677 2391
Aslam Bulbulia - abulbulia@gmail.com         -  071 020 0100


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A mother's feet, by Golden Amanah

A reminder to myself before others.

Who knew that at the feet of your mother would lie the entry to paradise?
But even with this great advice,
Some of us are still very unwise.
We curse, disrespect, give our mothers sorrow
But who promised your blessed mother that she'd see tomorrow?

Don't be fooled into thinking that because she gave birth to you, she's there to stay
Its by the mercy of Allah that she endured nine months of pain,
and years on would not delay,
in pleasing you to her utmost, always making sure that you're okay.
There are some mothers out there who wouldn't hesitate
In giving their children away,
Before they’ll hear the last breath their child takes.

Don't abuse the love of your mother with unkind treatment,
Rather adore her like the Queen she is, and pray for her intercession
On a day where you could have prayed 100 raka'hs daily,
It wouldn't be a grain in the sand if you left your mother wailing.

This world deceives us into thinking that we'll always have time,
So we delay repentance, increase our sins,
Unknowingly crossing the line.
Our mothers in our infant days bore our tears and cries,
Now we're impatient when they shed a few,
While we hurry our goodbyes.

But what happens when you've met and married your chosen loved one,
And sooner or later Allah blesses you with a daughter or a son?
That child grows up, and shows no love
Is disobedient to the core,
You try and teach them the clear and straight path,
But to them it's all a bore.
Then something from within makes you shudder for a while,
because you've seen those fatal footsteps you chose, reflected in your child.

All that time you thought you were safe in a little bubble,
And now you fear for yourself as much as your child, because you know there'll be trouble.
Consequences for your actions,
Other worldly punishments
Worse than a worldly court,
Because this is supreme judgment.

Each moment a grace of Allah,
Yet wasted in forgetting,
That we'll account for those moments when our mums were always fretting.
We never gave them peace of mind, never enough sleep,
Making the promise of being home by ten, And that promise we didn't keep.

For the sake of Allah take heed of this heartfelt warning,
Because we're all in need of it from time to time,
Repent, and beg for your mother's forgiveness
Before the light of the early morning,
Surely your Lord is indeed sublime.
Only Allah knows if we’ll get through these tests,
He knows when it gets tough,
But obedience to our mothers is always best,
Start now before your time is up.

Golden Amanah
Halima Shode (Golden Amanah) is a talented writer and Muslim student currently living in London. She loves poetry and eating out, and supports healthy, strong Islamic views .

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Jewel, by Golden Amanah

The jewel


In a world that defines less as more,
Where worth is judged in how many looks you score,
The Jewel was crying out for shade,
Covered from the world’s gaze.
And wouldn’t society be amazed?!
The Jewel never knew her true worth,
Assuming that from her birth,
That time would go on and she’d have her layers uncovered,
For others to gape at her in awe and wonder.

She never wanted perfection, only protection,
The protection of her Lord was what she slowly began to crave for,
She was given guidance by the Qur’an with its blessed spiritual sustenance,
And they say her fate was sealed when she read the verse that revealed,
“On no soul do we place a burden more than it can bear.”
Tears poured from her eyes and even more from her heart,
Because right then she knew that with a fresh start.

Her title Muslimah would not be in vain,
And the deeds of her life which slowly became,
To hold more significance than just day to day,
Her Lord she began to call on to ease her way.
Into this beautiful way of life with unmatched wisdom,
Of which there were obstacles to overcome,
Many out to snatch the Jewel’s shine,
But she fought back with all her might every single time.
A comment, a stare, an unkind laugh,
Made for a challenged heart,
But she remained firm and steadfast,
Against all cruelty, so she’d stand last.

The Jewel had Sister gems who she also wanted to protect,
From the snare of Shaitan so they wouldn’t be next.
So she taught them what she knew and prayed for their safety,
Monthly, weekly, especially daily.
She knew a day would come when they would question life,
And when that time came, she wanted for them less strife,
She wanted their hearts resistant to temptation,
For She Knew Fitna was ready to corrupt their destination.

May Allah make it easy on all beautiful girls,
The Muslimahs striving for Allah, the well guarded Pearls,
Because we are Jewels with beauty undiscovered,
Our Lord, Most wise, gave us this cover.

Golden Amanah

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Beggar, by Leyla Rodriguez

A Beggar

I came from a dark place.

The nights were cold while the sun shone, there was no escape.

I was trapped inside my self against all fate.

I often questioned my existence.

The purity of my soul, the will of no control, my heart insisted.

I searched for the unknown.

In the dry desert I stood with no drink but thirst, all alone.

I turned to the Creator and begged, ‘O Lord of the Heavens and Earth, I know you exist, guide me to the truth and show me the straight path.

I was headed for self-destruction in the city called Life.

Consumed I was by the falsehood and its wrath.

There lived a grain of hope.

It fed me when I was hungry.

Destitute I became,
lost without vision,
I had no destination.
Leyla Rodriguez