Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Beggar, by Leyla Rodriguez

A Beggar

I came from a dark place.

The nights were cold while the sun shone, there was no escape.

I was trapped inside my self against all fate.

I often questioned my existence.

The purity of my soul, the will of no control, my heart insisted.

I searched for the unknown.

In the dry desert I stood with no drink but thirst, all alone.

I turned to the Creator and begged, ‘O Lord of the Heavens and Earth, I know you exist, guide me to the truth and show me the straight path.

I was headed for self-destruction in the city called Life.

Consumed I was by the falsehood and its wrath.

There lived a grain of hope.

It fed me when I was hungry.

Destitute I became,
lost without vision,
I had no destination.
Leyla Rodriguez

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