Thursday, July 5, 2012

Project IQra Details


Project IQra is an initiative aimed at uplifting communities through the enrichment of their secondary and tertiary education. The project focuses on underprivileged grade 11 learners, by equipping them and their schools with adequate materials and knowledge to assist them in progressing through their final year of secondary schooling and into a tertiary institute.

A total of 15 schools, in Gauteng, Free State, Kwazulu Natal  with approximately 3000 grade 11 learners will be identified as beneficiaries of the project. There will be an identification process where schools will be chosen, based on already available information and statistics from the South African Department of Education and the broad development focused institution, the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF).


The learners will be provided with individual packages containing materials that will assist them in successfully getting through matric and providing a basis for their tertiary education. In addition, the schools will be provided with school packs in order to assist in the educating of the students and facilitating more efficient lessons. Below is a list of the materials. Please note, the materials are subject to the needs of the respective schools. After all 15 schools have been identified the needs will be provided by the school and the list will be adjusted appropriately.

Each student packs will each contain the following:

·         A selection of four study guides based on the subjects that each child currently takes.

·         A selection of basic stationery, including exercise books, pens, pencils, ruler and eraser.

·         Advanced stationery, including a scientific calculator and a maths set

·         Additional study guides

·         Matric past exams papers (printouts)

·         Bursary information packs

·         University/Technikon/College information and application forms

·         A rechargeable desk lamp

·         A school bag

 The school packs will contain the following:

·         A selection of facilitating DVD’s, per subject

·         A basic laptop with a DVD player

·         An over-head projector


In addition to providing the materials, a Careers Day for the 3000 students will be hosted at the participating universities and will focus on providing the learners with the adequate knowledge needed in order to enter into a tertiary institution, exposing the learners to the faculties available at these tertiary institutions as well as provide them with the motivation and incentive to pursue a further qualification. This will allow them to gauge the opportunities that they have based on their interests, the subjects they’re currently taking, the grades required, the application processes etc. The day will include presentations by various faculties, students and representatives of the Department of Education.


Project IQra spans four phases:

1.       Fundraising and advertising for the project. This will take place from June till 17 September.

2.       Actively identifying schools, engaging with them and based on the identifying process, establishing the needs of the schools and learners. This will take place in August.

3.       Getting mass student involvement on each campus and, as a collective, putting the 3000 individual packs together and actively taking them to the schools for distribution. This will take place from 17 to 20 September.

4.       Preparing and implementing the Career’s Day at the universities on 21 September.

MSA Project IQra :
4 Provinces
8 campus MSA's
3000 learners
R 3 million

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