Thursday, July 5, 2012

MSA Project IQra Press Release

The Muslim Students Association Union, representing 18 campuses across 8 cities in South Africa, is excited to announce the launch of their newest endeavour- Project IQra. The MSA have always been one of the few student organisations who have successfully managed to merge massive and enthusiastic student involvement with that of charitable initiatives within our local communities. This year, under their new leadership, the MSA Union is upholding the legacy of true humanity and pioneering this novel project.

For the past 8 years, MSA bodies across the country have successfully been running the RHP (Ramadhaan Humanitarian Project) initiatives, with immense success and efficiency. However this year, the MSA has decided to undertake a new venture which exemplifies the foresight and visionary leadership that the Union possesses. Recognising the great importance of knowledge, as well as the lack of adequate facilities to acquiring this knowledge that so many of the youth of our country suffer from, the MSA is proud to announce the launch of Project IQra in 2012.

 Project IQra is an initiative aimed at uplifting communities through the enrichment of their secondary and tertiary education. The project focuses on underprivileged grade 11 learners, by equipping them and their schools with adequate materials and knowledge to assist them in progressing through their final year of secondary schooling and into a tertiary institute. This project, a ground-breaking idea in its implementation and much-needed action, will provide power packs to both future Matric learners as well as their schools. The MSA is excited to announce that together with these packs containing vital educational material and equipment, a Careers Day will be organised as well, facilitating the transition of these underprivileged youth to a tertiary education.

Project IQra is in its advanced phases of organisation and will, inshAllah, be happening over the week of the 17th-22nd September of this year. The MSA, since its inception in 1974, has always been a visionary student body, driving student activism and contributing to the community immeasurably. We hope that this project will take the abilities of the MSA to new heights, enabling and inspiring all of us to make positive and progressive changes and contributions to the world we live in.
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