Monday, April 8, 2013

MSA Union Tarbiyyah Programme

MSA Union Tarbiyyah Programme: Messengers of Truth - Begins Saturday, 13 April 2013

Who are the Ambiyaa (AS)? What lives did they live? What tasks and tests were set upon them? What was the importance of their job? How did they spread the message of God? These are questions many of us do not know the details about.

The community program "Messengers of Truth" seeks to give an in-depth understanding of these extraordinary people to shed light on the situations they endured and the way in which they acted, allowing you to understand that they were people, just like us, having the same human feelings, but were chosen by Allah to guide man to the straight path. This was the most important, yet most difficult job, bearing the absolute most responsibility and the highest levels of care for mankind.

In this regard, MSA has decided to host a programme on the Ambiyah (AS) called “The Messengers of Truth” that will be conducted by Abdur Rahman Laily.

The programme is approximately a 10 part series with a time-line focusing on the most prominent of the Ambiyah (AS) and will begin on Saturday, 13 April 2013. The programme seeks to remind people to be thankful for these role models and to remind people about the most important objectives in life we seem to have forgotten. They will be followed by a reflection lesson at the end to draw similarities between the messages of the Prophets (AS) and to accord the high status that these men deserve - bringing them back into our hearts and minds as role models Inshaa Allah.

Details of the 1st part:

Venue: Suliman Nana memorial Centre, 65 Foyle Street,Crosby

Date: 13 April 2013, Saturday

Time: 3pm - 4pm
Remember: it’s a free programme for the masses! These programmes are open to the community for the guidance of our Muslims so we may choose rightful role models, and to seek the goal of uplifting our communities with Da’wah Inshaa Allah.

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