Friday, February 9, 2007

I exist in everyone

yo yo yo


This be cap'n NazJam from Insane Durbane :P...its hot these days...

Right let get downs to beezniss...wat this blog is gonna be used for exactly? and can we talk like anyfin or it has to bee like MSA exclusive?

btw I exist in everyone means im just like you..ordinary

Ill be seeing you

on the otherside

Ill be with you

on the better side

Ill be praying with you

on both sides

Hope you all well...keep tha faith


ps Waahid (My band) CD's me ;)


  1. the blog is aimed primarily at MSA stuff... but that compells us, by virtue of being muslim, to talk about everything....let the debate rage on....

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  3. WOW a msa blog.....things have certainly moved on since i was apart of it. Well done guys